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    Scraper China - xinjiang - alashankou - kartale-chelyabinsk transport by railwa
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     The  transport  scraper  net weight: 26000 KGS, goods size for: 12500 * 2750 * 2550 mm, the goods need to use tablet transportation, to save costs, we arrange trucks to xinjiang urumqi, apply to the railwayloading scheme of  scraper, railway transportation,  after the change, direct chelyabinsk in Russia 800101, the  transport time about 25 days. Adopt the steam-iron combined transport scheme, with the safest transportation scheme, the cheapest price can smoothly transport the goods to the destination.
    Our company has rich experience in transportation equipment, make suitable loading and reinforcement plan, and provide cargo transportation insurance service;
    Use 17.5 flat-bed bulk trucks to transport to China railway station, provide professional cranes to unload and ensure the safety of cargo.


    铲运机卸货照片 (3).jpg

    铲运机卸货照片 (1).jpg


    Produced in China after loading reinforcement scheme, the smooth use railway platform car loading immediately after the goods arrived at port of China to pass the customs formalities smoothly, we arrange professional staff in more than, prepared to pick up car, and are prepared ahead of time need to change the foreign railway platform car and made the corresponding scheme of changing the outfit, more than Scott outfit reinforcing photos are as follows:

    铁路平板车运输 (1).jpg铁路平板车运输 (2).jpg铁路平板车运输 (3).jpg铁路平板车运输 (5).jpg




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